Goal (Nigeria)

GOAL addresses issues of personal, social and economic empowerment of adolescents' girls from low-income families.

Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF) is a youth-focused, non-governmental not for profit organization in Nigeria with facilities for mobile health services in Nigeria with particular emphasis on reproductive health issues on HIV/AIDS. YEF exists for youth to live in a world of abundant recourses. A world where innate potentials are harnessed for positive self development. YEF improves the quality of life of youth through mobilization, empowerment and partnership programs.

GOAL addresses issues of personal, social and economic empowerment of adolescents’ girls from low-income families. It increases participants knowledge on life skills needed to succeed, using both sport training and education modules. The heart of GOAL is the desire to transform girls  opinions of themselves, their role in the world and put them on the path to follow their dreams and become leaders in their families and communities

In Nigeria, the GOAL project was implemented in Abuja and Lagos. It was a one year project specifically targeted at in school students in Junior secondary Schools. The training manual consists of 4 modules which are BE YOURSELF, BE HEALTHY, BE EMPOWERED, and BE MONEY SAVVY. After one year, the programme showed that participants had an increased knowledge of life skills and reproductive issues as well as an increased capacity to manage money. Furthermore, the program gives girls access to resources and networking opportunities.

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