Girls Kick It

Start date: 2006
End date: Present
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Girls Kick It was organized by Girls Kick It!, a Community-based organization.

Girls Kick It! football programme provides loan-funding to build poultry houses in internally displaced persons camps in Northern Uganda, while providing management training to oversee this social enterprise.

The Girls Kick It! team manages and maintains a poultry house that provides, for the first time, real economic opportunity for young girls and women of Paicho. Through this programme, the money generated from the sale of chickens to local hotels, businesses and nearby food markets permits the team to pay for basic needs, such as transportation to tournaments and practices, as well as coach's salaries.

Through the Girls Kick It! Gweno Project, they offer a place where young girls have an active voice and role in decision-making and development. It is their hope that the girls and women who participate in this programme take a long-term leadership role in their community, but also become advocates for changing the development paradigm in northern Uganda. They believe this can be achieved by Girls Kick It! team members attending and representing their community at forums, seminars and civil society meetings on gender, health, post-conflict transition, and economic empowerment.

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