Fair Trade

In Uganda, MIFUMI is working with women to grow, process, package and sell ground nuts. They promote entrepreneurship by encouraging women to buy shares in the business.

MIFUMI is a women-led organisation, working to end domestic violence. Based in Uganda, they work with GBV survivors and grassroots organisations to increase support and to enable more effective and skillful promotion of women's rights.

MIFUMI is internationally recognised for its successful campaign and referendum against bride price in Uganda, a major contributing factor to violence and women's subordination. In 2007, MIFUMI became very interested in the concept of using sport for women's rights, and they ran exploratory karate training for 30 girls in a MIFUMI primary school.

The programme has grown to include an economic empowerment component. MIFUMI convinces parents to allow their daughters to attend a self-defense sport programme that incorporates skill- building in value added food products. Girls learn strategies to reduce gender-based violence and earn money by helping produce a branded sesame-ground nut product that is sold into the local markets. By taking part in a sport programme that contributes to a girl’s ability to generate income her her self-worth, as well as her value within her family and community can dramatically increase.

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