Menstrual Pad Production

In Kenya, Moving the Goalposts is testing the production and sales of affordable, locally produced menstrual pads.

Moving the Goalposts is a community-based organization located in the rural Kilifi district of Coast Province, in Kenya. It started with a sport and development project in Kilifi in 2001, with less than 100 girls. Now it has more than 3,000 adolescent girls participating in weekly practices, tournaments and ongoing leagues. Participants are encouraged to be active in leadership roles such as committee membership, coaching, refereeing, first aid, and peer educating and counseling. Each week, MTG girls lead peer education sessions on reproductive health and other girls' issues in primary schools in the area. Peer education and counseling is also regularly available at practices and league games.

Recently, MTG has started focusing on developing economic empowerment for girls, including savings projects for out-of-school girls and leadership awards to start small businesses. Currently, MTG is setting up a project to create income-generation opportunities for girls through distributing papyrus sanitary pads in their region.  If girls and young women are given the knowledge, access and resources, a few will become the entrepreneurs who launch and grow successful organisations that meet market and community needs.

Founder Sarah Forde has researched and published a book in 2008, Playing by Their Rules: Coastal Teenage Girls in Kenya on Life, Love, and Football, based on the MTG girls' experiences.

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