Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Sadili Oval Sports Academy uses a tiered pricing model to train competitive athletes, offer middle class families an affordable recreation facility and slum children an opportunity to play sports.

Sadili Oval Sports Academy is an indigenous, non profit, community-driven sports center: one of the few of its kind in eastern and central Africa. Sadili Oval Sports Academy is a part of a unique social enterprise structure, which also includes a for-profit organization. They open up their sport facilities to the paying public in order to partially subsidize their non profit programs. Sadili Oval Sports Academy facilities are built on land that was formerly a sewage area - reclaimed by Sadili Oval - bordering Kiberia, the largest slum in Nairobi. It has used recycled materials to design and build gym equipment and the buildings themselves. The Sadili Oval Sports Academy "Sports for Life" program offers weekly training for up to 3,000 children (42% of them are girls) in football, netball, tennis, basketball and swimming, as well as life skills and an extensive after-school program. Children train an average of three times a week in their chosen sport with community coaches and are provided with meals and life-skills workshops in HIV/AIDS, hygiene and environmental education. Sadili Oval Sports Academy tracks school attendance of the children participating in its programs and has found an increase of 77%, especially by girls.

Sadili Oval Sports Academy has expanded its programming to develop a network of "Girl Power Clubs." They now reach 67 secondary schools in different parts of Nairobi, with emphasis on the most vulnerable groups. Through sport, Girl Power Clubs aim to help girls address a variety of life issues, including economic empowerment. In Girl Power Clubs, participants are challenged to pick a business and build a business plan around an idea. The best clubs win funding, depending on how well they put it together. They work on their project and report regularly about it's progress. By doing so, they increase understanding of how business works, improve marketing skills and learn to work with money, on budgets.  

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