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There is no single approach that will eradicate gender-based violence. Our work requires a complex comprehensive strategy. Work done through sport programmes to improve individuals’ capacity to address gender-based violence in their lives is critical. However, individuals live in the context. Developing strength and defence mechanisms in a girl who lives in a community that supports gender-based violence, is setting her up for social exclusion and vulnerability. To cultivate sustainable progress in addressing gender-based violence, sport programmes can enhance the durability of their efforts by putting energy and resources into creating socio-cultural change. In any environment, but especially in conservative areas, open, honest community engagement is essential to gaining trust and minimising barriers to operating a sport programme that addresses gender and sexuality.

There are thousands of pages written by world-renowned experts describing different approaches to creating sustainable socio-cultural change. The study of this work is deeply theoretical, culturally dynamic and beyond the scope of this Guide. We can, however, offer a practical framework that can help sport organisations think about how they might address gaining community support for their work. Additionally, we will share several ideas that have had traction for sport programmes around the world.  

Engaging Community

1. Form an Alliance: Partnership and collaboration is everything. It expands your audience, knowledge base, possibility and capacity. Effective collaboration does not happen by...

Examples Of Engagement Efforts

Football Tournament: AMOJO (Nicaragua) On the remote volcanic island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, gender roles are strictly dominated by the machismo culture. For 11 years...

Dates To Consider

March 8: International Women’s Day April 7: World Health Day August 12: International Youth Day November 25 – December 10: 16 Days to End Violence Against Women...