Repairs Human Dignity

“I am alone and I don’t think there’s anyone that can help me get over this. I’d like to form a women’s group for people who have
suffered in this way… I want to get well, to feel free, to live peacefully and without fear. I also want to find someone who can help me overcome this loneliness.” - Survivor of GBV in Colombia speaking to Amnesty International

Experiencing gender-based violence can diminish a woman’s dignity. The goals, victories, and encouragement of playing a sport can offer survivors the opportunity to slowly regain pride. Through sport, girls and women are given the chance to succeed at tasks and gain recognition for their efforts. The support of a coach and teammates and public applause for their athletic victories can translate into improved sense of self and standing within the community. There are two critical components that help women rebuild their dignity: providing them with opportunities to lead within the programme, and offering them public-facing displays of their newly acquired skills and strength.

Programmatic Tip

Whenever possible, involve survivors of GBV and communities in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programmes. It promotes confidence and gives the girl or woman a sense of achievement. It can also create a shared appreciation and understanding between the survivor and her friends and family.