Measuring Impact on the Community

Involving the community in the empowerment of adolescent girls is crucial for ensuring that the goals and objectives of sport and life skills programmes are relevant and successful. Oftentimes, sport programmes for adolescent girls have just as much impact on the community as they do on the individual girls themselves.

Designing measurement tools that effectively engage community members and assess impact of girls’ sport and life skills programmes on parents and/or primary caregivers, as well as other community stakeholders, is an important step for any organisation. These tools can help you measure why and how high-quality sport programmes for girls contribute and further stimulate positive change in their communities and create enabling environments, which further serve the girls. 

Women Win, in partnership with the International Center for Research on Women, has developed a tool that assesses the impact of sport programmes on local communities. The tool is an open-ended interview / questionnaire for parents. The main objective of the interviews with parents is to capture the changes in girls’ knowledge, attitude, and behaviour from the parents’ perspective. Secondly, it aims to explore girls’ status and condition, if they have changed during the sport and life skills programmes, as well as changes of parents’ attitudes towards the girls.

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