About This Guide

Over the course of two years, Women Win engaged with a diverse set of experts, social entrepreneurs, programme directors, business people and girls from around the world to share their perspectives on income generation and knowledge about how to address economic empowerment through sport. These individuals work in women’s rights, sport and development, economic development, social enterprises and businesses large and small.  Women Win programme partners generously provided detailed data, market insights and patiently answered questions.

The result of this collective learning is the International Guide to Economic Empowerment Through Sport.

Women Win would like to recognise two organisations who have contributed significantly to the International Guide to Economic Empowerment Through Sport by allowing Women Win to republish, use and adapt their programmes and publications:

The Goal programme, created by Standard Chartered Bank.  The Goal Programme, created with the help of the Population Council, uses sport and life skills education to empower adolescent girls, providing knowledge and offering a safe place to play. Goal was piloted in India and is expanding globally.  Its effectiveness is anchored in a targeted world-class curriculum that uses sports as a tool to build girls’ social capital, expand girls’ social networks and develop economic and social skills needed to enable them to shape their own futures.  The Goal programme provides the foundation for the Education and Financial Literacy sections of this draft Guide.

EMpower, “It’s Her Business":  A Handbook for Preparing Young, At-Risk Women to Become Entrepreneurs (the handbook will be referred to as "It’s Her Business” going forward).  EMpower, is an initiative of the not-for-profit Emerging Markets Foundation.  This organisation ties the resources of Emerging Markets (EM) professionals world-wide with the vitality of community-based social sector initiatives in developing countries.  “It’s Her Business” provides the foundation for the Employment, Entrepreneurship and Mentorship sections of this draft Guide.


This initial draft is intended to be the seed for this body of knowledge on economic empowerment through sport.  By inviting collaborative authoring, comments, contributions and adaptations through our Creative Commons license we invite a greater global community to help evolve the content. Our hope is that this Guide will become a community-owned conversation about how to use sport as a tool to improve earning capacity and opportunity for girls and young women.

The Guide is written for anyone, in any country, who is empowering girls through sport or developing economic empowerment programmes benefitting girls and women. It is ideal for an individual or grassroots organisation interested in integrating economic empowerment into sport programmes for girls.  It can serve as a reference for coaches, international sport and development organisations, donors, sports governing bodies, caregivers, researchers, and policy makers. The ideas in this guide can be applied directly to small groups of girls, as well as for informing larger, multinational initiatives.

Note: Throughout this guide, we refer to "our" partners. This does not merely represent Women Win's programme partners but it also represents workshop attendees, collaborators, experts and organisations that have contributed to our knowledge base.

Author: Faye Yoshihara

Editor: Sarah Murray

Copy Editor: Deana Monahan