About This Guideline

Creative Commons

We are releasing our official Leadership and Economic Empowerment Through Sport Guideline under the Creative Commons license.

Target Audience

The Guide is written for anyone, in any country, who is empowering girls through sport. It is ideal for an individual or grassroots organisation interested in integrating economic empowerment into sport programmes for girls.  It can serve as a reference for coaches, international sport and development organisations, donors, sports governing bodies, caregivers, researchers, and policy makers. The ideas in this guide can be applied directly to small groups of girls, as well as for informing larger, multinational initiatives.

Note: Throughout this guide, we refer to “our partners”. This does not merely represent Women Win's programme partners but it also includes the workshop attendees, collaborators, experts and organisations that have contributed to our knowledge base.

Author: Faye Yoshihara

Editors: Sarah Murray and Nicole Matuska

Copy Editor: Julie McBride

Special Thanks To:
Moving the Goalposts, Kenya
The Naz Foundation, India
All Women Win partners whose work has inspired and contributed to the content and body of knowledge included in this guideline.