To impact the lives of adolescent girls and young women, organisations must first ensure their own sustainability and develop effective and impactful operations. This means designing operational processes and structures with the participant in mind. Leadership and economic empowerment pathways cannot exist without sound recruitment, retention and programme exit strategies. In addition, creating strong partnerships are essential to reach important programme outcomes such as connecting girls and young women to employment, entrepreneurship opportunities or further education.

Lastly, to create sustainable LEEP programmes, organisations need to determine if they currently have the capacity, think through funding strategies and embed important success factors in their daily operations. 

Participation, Retention and Exit

Achieving peer leadership in operations requires the existence of a pool of girls and young women with diverse talents and skills. This is necessary as embedding LEEP within your...


Partnerships with various community stakeholders are an important and critical aspect of implementing a LEEP programme. Partnerships can help fill the gaps that your organisation...


While the concept of putting girls in positions of leadership is simple, the execution can be challenging.  In order to discover their own strengths and preferences, girls need...
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