Self Skills

Peer Leader, Moving the Goalposts, Kenya

“My name is Merashid Nyawa. I am in class six at Mwangaza visionary school in Kwale. I am the field leader of Mwangaza league field. When I was not a leader, the players did not even respect me. I was very shy, too shy to even speak. But things are changing.

Since joining Moving the Goalposts (MTG) I have experienced many changes in my life. MTG has contributed positively to my various activities and my engagement in life. I have gained respect of many people in the community. From players and also from my parents, because I can respond to some very challenging issues facing me at the field and at home. This makes me have self-confidence and the power to know that “yes, everything is possible”, because what was impossible for me has now become possible. I have gained exposure by going to Kilifi once a month for the field leaders meeting.”

Giving a girl an early start to personal empowerment builds a strong foundation for her growth and development throughout her life.  The women leaders we work with have often cited their early involvement in sports as the experience that shaped their leadership trajectory. Unfortunately, in many places in the world, girls are not taught to see the value in themselves, nor believe that they have agency over their lives.  A sport programme can progressively build a girl’s awareness of her skills and qualities, and teach her how to act with integrity.  These basic personal skills, organised in five main categories, are the basis for all personal and professional competencies needed for economic empowerment. 

Coping and Self-Management

  • Increasing Internal Self-control.
  • Setting Personal Goals   
  • Self-image
  • Self-awareness Skills and Qualities
  • High Personal Standards 
  • Basic Math and Literacy Skills 

Managing Feelings, Emotions and Stress 

  • Listening, Reflection, and Intuition
  • Flexibility and Situational Awareness 
  • Resilience

Taking Action with Integrity 

  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability 
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Financial Literacy 

Skill Development

  • Writing, Presentation and Language skills
  • ICT and other Technical Skills
  • Developing a Network of Colleagues and Resources 
  • Systems Thinking

Professional Skill Development

  • Product/Service Design and Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Self-employment

For more details on individual skills within SELF, and how they help AGYW become economically empowered, download the SELF framework at the following PDF link. PDF icon Self Skills Details.pdf