Women Win

Women Win is recognised worldwide as a leader in using sport as a strategy to advance girls and women’s rights. Women Win envisions a world where girls and women are empowered, healthy, safe, economically independent, strong leaders, and agents of positive change for themselves and their communities.

Our mission is to empower girls and women to achieve their rights through sport*. We will achieve our mission by connecting the global sport, development, and women’s movements. Women Win will continue to promote sport as a strategy to empower girls and women, by using grassroots strategies and developing open-source guidelines. Women Win will learn about, document, and share the impact of gender-sensitive sport programmes with a clear women’s rights approach.

Women Win’s activities will enable girls and women to develop their full potential for self-empowerment. Moreover, Women Win will develop a “bank” of knowledge, skills, and tools to influence and change existing practices that perpetuate gender inequality.

*Sport = physical activity.