Offers Routine And Promotes Goal Setting

Participation in a regular sport programme demands disciplined attendance. The chaos of conflict, compounded by the emotional aftershocks, can make daily life seem boundless and overwhelming. Restoring some structured activity can offer survivors a sense of safety and stability. Quite simply, the rhythms of regular training can help a day feel more “normal”. Sport can offer routine and social support for adhering to those routines when conflict has stripped away family, jobs, and farmland.

Furthermore, efforts to enrich performance are enhanced by individual and team goal setting. This goal setting can be related to technical skills, physical strength and stamina, mental performance, or something as basic as attendance. Establishing attainable goals can improve self-worth, confidence, and self-efficacy.

Programmatic Tip

Girls and women participating in sport programmes were very insistent about making time for sport and play. They hold regular training and stressed that they do not allow external elements to disrupt their set training schedule. Regular training adds structure to their lives and promotes social cohesion. It creates a bond with unrelated others and a sense of belonging to a group. While sport programmes are encouraged to be understanding of external forces (family, work, etc.), at the same time, it is imperative to create and promote regular training/meeting times.