Teamwork can be described in many ways: it is the sense of trust and accomplishment that you gain after you succeed; relationships and friendships are formed; work gets done; and teamwork teaches you responsibility. No one can deny the importance of teamwork in everyday life. Communication and interpersonal skills are an essential component of teamwork. Successful teamwork involves some of the following elements and skills: clear and lucid communications within the team, co-operation with those around by understanding why they do the things they do, building relationships and creating a community with teammates, and treating people the way they should be treated. Sport can teach survivors of GBV these skills.

Programmatic Tip

Team environments can foster courage and support. If public HIV testing is a service that your community offers, perhaps organize a day when all participants have an opportunity to go together. Utilize the event to have an open forum discussion afterwards about their emotions and the indignity they may have felt from contracting an STI from GBV in the first place. In post-conflict areas where travel is difficult, invite doctors/nurses from a nearby clinic to address the team, answer questions, and administer tests in private surroundings.