Caregivers Dont See Value

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Challenge: Caregivers don’t see the value in sport and/or don’t believe it is in their interest to empower their daughters to access their rights

Solution: Arrange a caregivers meeting at the onset of your programme. It is important to get caregivers on your team so girls aren’t being tugged in separate directions. Be transparent about what you aim to do and how you intend on connecting sport and girls’ rights. It is often important to discuss the ways in which the family will benefit from a girl knowing her rights and building her capacity to recognise and protect herself from gender-based violence. Included in this conversation can be her physical and emotional health, her marriage prospects, her education and ability to be happy and economically contributing to the family. Make room for questions and honest discussion. When a girl's caregivers push back, arrange meetings with them to find common ground. Consider inviting caregivers to participate in a single session, in an effort to gain trust and promote transparency. Ask the caregivers if there is a particular theme or problem that they would like addressed. Make room to incorporate their suggestions and feedback.