The global sport industry, as a powerful economic driver, is undisputed.  The ability of sport to impact broader societal issues of health, education and criminal justice is widely shared.  However, the power of sport to develop women and girls as an economic force is not yet recognised and as such, is both undervalued and underfunded.

Women Win programme partners address difficult issues such as gender-based violence, homelessness and the muscle drain by engaging in the marketplace.  As market-based organisations and social enterprises, they are in the position of greatest impact to address the issues of women’s economic empowerment, yet find themselves caught between the defined fields of business and charity.  They struggle to make their financing needs fit within this existing paradigm and are hitting the limits of growth due to constraints in current funding models.

Women Win supports the emerging approach of Impact Investing. This social investment approach creates a marketplace for impact-first and modest finance-first investors.  Impact Investing creates the opportunity for hybrid financing, which may include a mix of grant, loan, equity and in-kind resources, tailored to the needs of a growing enterprise.  This approach allows social investors with different objectives to join forces in support of economic empowerment for women and girls.  Women Win Flagships represent a range of impact-first to financial-first investment opportunities.

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