Programme Design

The following section outlines specific concepts, strategies and tips for setting up and improving a girls’ sport and SRHR programme. It is important to remember that not all the recommendations around programme design will be culturally applicable. Please bear this in mind as you create, adapt and implement your programme.

Safe Spaces

For a general discourse about establishing a safe space for girls’ sport and empowerment programmes, visit the International Guide to Designing Sport Programmes for Girls.

Life Skills

Many programmes include “life skills” either as one component or as the central focus of their work. UNICEF defines life skills as knowledge, attitudes and the ability for...


We have talked about the empowering things sport can do, but we do face challenges as demonstrated by the experiences of our programme partners. In this section we will focus on...

Engaging With The Community

Communities, not individuals or independent organisations, build successful and sustainable sport programmes. Perhaps the single most critical factor in designing a sport...

Free Curricula

Some of the following curricula are not sport specific but organisations will find some excellent practical ideas around SRHR that can be adapted to sport programmes. 1. The Go...
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