The Issues

All adolescent girls need support and education in navigating the basic aspects of maturation and understanding sexuality. A well-designed sport programme can create activities and sessions that target and serve this need.  There are other issues that are more prevalent and pose a greater challenge in certain cultural contexts. For instance, bride price or dowry is a significant SRHR issue in Uganda and India, but not necessarily in Colombia, where early pregnancy is more common. In Sierra Leone and Ethiopia, FGM is a major preoccupation and concern for adolescent girls, whereas sex trafficking is something that girls in Cambodia or Nepal are facing.  In this section, we cover a large range of SRHR issues, including context information about each issue and specific strategies for how a sport programme can (and does) address the issue.

Sexual And Reproductive Health

This section addresses issues such as sexually transmitted infections (STI's), health and hygiene, pregnancy and abortion. It also highlights examples of promising practices in...


This section focuses on issues such as family planning, female genital mutilation (FGM), gender based violence (GBV) and trafficking. It also showcases useful examples that your...


This section covers issues such as transactional relationships, LGBTIQ inclusion and sexual pleasure. It also accentuates the promising practices that organisations are employing...
The Issues | Women Win Guides


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