Organisations investing in leadership and economic empowerment pathways have seen positive results related to various leadership measurement indicators and significant decreases in their cost per participant, as well as an increased ability to scale their programmes. Being able to measure and evaluate the impact, whether at the individual level or organisational level, is key to not only gaining more supporters and fundraising for the strategy, but for also improving the approach and better tailoring it for the adolescent girls and young women in your programme and the context in which they live.

In addition, understanding how organisations have designed and implemented LEEP pathways and integrated economic empowerment into their own programmes, and the impact they have seen, can help others design and implement their own strategies. Although each community has particular industries that are more viable than others, there are several sectors that many Women Win partners have found success in, including agriculture, tourism, sport and products and services. 

Measuring Leadership

Women Win has developed a theory of change that focuses on leadership and serves as a foundation for all our programmes and activities. Women Win defines leadership as the ability...

Case Studies

Women Win believes a focus on LEEP can support economic empowerment for girls while lowering the cost per participant (CPP) and lead to organisational benefits.  As girls gain the...