Participation, Retention and Exit

Achieving peer leadership in operations requires the existence of a pool of girls and young women with diverse talents and skills. This is necessary as embedding LEEP within your organisation requires different people to play the different roles of peer leadership required to operate a programme. Recruitment and retention strategies are needed throughout the leadership pathway and it starts with the players. Providing some sort of motivation or incentive will help girls progress through the pathway and feel progress as they change roles and gain more responsibility.

In addition, if girls stay too long at one level of the pathway, this may block access for other girls in the programme to progress, as there usually are not enough resources to move every participant through the pathway. Organisations should have processes in place that ensure girls move along the pathway and support them in finding opportunities outside of the organisation. 

Motivation and Incentives

There are countless strategies for motivating a girl to participate in a sport programme. The effectiveness of incentives varies depending on age, sport, geographic region and the...

Exit Strategy

Many organisations do a great job of incentivising adolescent girls to take part in different leadership levels of the pathway and to remain engaged in the programme for a long...