A first step to develop a peer leadership programme focused on CPP is to analyse your organisation’s current capacity.  File The Capacity Analysis Tool (CAT) was developed by the Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN). The SSCN was an initiative co-convened by CARE and Nike to enhance the sustainability of sport for development organisations.  The CAT includes a checklist of generic organisational capabilities, to which we have added a cost per participant (CPP) focused metric.

  • Leadership, Governance and Strategy. Do you have a practice and policy to involve current or former participants in leadership, governance and strategy?
  • Administration and Human Resources. How does your organisation respect, encourage and promote AGYW into leadership roles? Such roles include work with volunteers, staff organisation or development, and work in the office or with equipment.
  • Finance. Do AGYW participate in any of the following financial tasks: finances, bank accounts, supporting documents for maintaining receipts and invoices for expenditures, internal controls, budget management, reporting requirements?
  • Project/Programme Design, Management, Evaluation. How does your programme involve AGYW in project/programme design, management, and evaluation?
  • Technical Capacity. Does your organisation understand how to increase impact and scale by reducing CPP?
  • Advocacy and Networking.  How does your programme involve AGYW in advocacy and partnerships?
  • Community Ownership and Accountability.  How does your programme involve AGYW in community ownership and accountability?
  • Resource Acquisition.  How does your programme involve AGYW in fundraising and resource acquisition?