Resource Providers, Partners and Donors

Finding resources to run your programme does not always have to mean spending money. Mutually beneficial partnerships can be a valuable way to secure equipment, facilities, expert advice, basic provisions, and other programme needs. These resource providers can include local businesses, schools, other organisations, government facilities, and more. In your strategy you should consider who has resources that you could benefit from and how you could begin to build a relationship with them that is mutually beneficial. It is important to remember that the partnership should be a win for both sides and not one side taking and the other side only giving. When entering into partnerships with businesses or other community resource providers and organisations, remember four important principles that will ensure the partnership is a success: Transparency, Equity, Accountability, and Mutual Benefit.

For example, if there is a local business that sells sport equipment, you can offer to advertise their business at events in exchange for a discount on equipment. Additionally, consider partnering with a local school to use their playing field for free so that you do not have to pay for a space. Find ways for your programme to benefit potential partners. Understand that although partnerships are occasionally built on altruism, they are more frequently built and sustained when there is clear mutual benefit. Maybe help maintain the field at a local school by cleaning up trash after every training session or donate extra equipment you have to the youth centre that allows you to use their space.

Resource Providers and Organisational Partners

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Donors and Funders

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