Developing Staff Leadership

The leadership of an organisation is a direct reflection of its values, philosophies and priorities. In sport organisations, there are often several layers of leadership: administrators who oversee the programmes from a management perspective; coaches, who work directly with the girls; and peer leaders, who serve as influential intermediaries between the girls and the adults. Leadership serves as the external face of the programme, the coordinators of logistics and powerful mentors for each participant.

Women in Leadership

Women coaches, trainers, discussion group facilitators and administrators are crucial to ensuring the success of sport programmes aimed at empowering girls. Prioritizing women for...

Recruiting Women Coaches

In some areas of the world, qualified women coaches are plentiful, especially in places with high-density populations or where women’s sport has a strong presence and history....

Men Leading Girls

When incorporating men in positions of leadership, it is important to recognise that in many societies, girls and women have learned to be submissive to boys and men, who occupy...
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