Self Esteem And Confidence

Practical Session Ideas

Goal Programme Sessions

Adolescent Girl Life Skill: Self-esteem and confidence in using your voice

General Adolescent Life Skills: Communication

In many communities, adolescent girls often lack spaces to build their confidence and self-esteem in constructive and healthy ways, particularly when it comes to communicating their needs and wants, exercising their rights, and expressing their emotions.

Sport programmes help girls learn to use their voices in confident and strong ways, such as organizing and coordinating with teammates during a match, demanding foul calls from the referee, voicing opinions and feelings to the coach on the match or at practice. Stepping out onto a playing field takes courage and confidence, and the more that girls play, the more they build their self-esteem. Learning new sport skills also builds confidence and self-esteem, helping girls realize that physical activity is not just for boys in the community, but they too can learn and master the same skills. 


Facilitation Tips

  • Rotate team captains or assistants during practices, allowing each girl a chance to be in a leadership position and use her voice to give instructions and opinions
  • Try rotating group members during practice so that the same girls are not always part of the same teams or practice groups, giving them the opportunity to gain confidence by making new friends among their teammates