Competitions, Tournaments And Events

In regular training sessions, girls hone technical skills, confidence, and the ability to work within a team. It can be empowering for girls to test those skills through competition and in front of a crowd. It is one thing for a girl to learn how to shoot a basket in practice. It is quite another for her family or neighbours to come watch her score baskets, play defence, and share her growth with an audience. Public affirmation of development can accelerate progress inside and outside of the sporting arena.

Furthermore, competitions and events allow the community to see girls compete. This can encourage the shift of perceptions about girls’ participation in sport, as well as facilitate conversation among the community about the value of sport in the lives of girls. Gender (as well as disability) stereotypes are automatically challenged when community members witness girls participating in activities that are assumed to be reserved for boys and people who are non-disabled.

For more information on using events and other activities to engage the community, go to the Community Engagement section this guide.

For assessing if your organisation’s events are safe for and inclusive of adolescent girls, complete the Safety and Gender Inclusion self-assessments.