Written By: Sarah Murray and Nicole Matuska

The International Guideline to Designing Sport Programmes for Girls is a collaborately authored tool, gathering promising practices from extraordinary grassroots organisations working hard to create programmes that give adolsecent girls the opportunity to empower themselves to achieve their rights through sport. This guideline would not be possible if it were not for the feedback and input of sport, development and women's rights community based organisations, national and international federations and organisations and academic/research institutions. 

We would like to specially thank an amazing group of experts: Cynthia Coredo (Boxgirls), Analo “Priest” Aanjere (Boxgirls), Nyemu Garwe (Edmund Garwe Trust), Jack Bhabbie (Family in Need Trust), Janet Otte (MIFUMI), Margaret Belewa (Moving the Goalposts), Lilian Anderson (Moving the Goalposts), Liz Odera (Sadili Oval), Rehema Grace Akinyi (Sadili Oval), Beryl Jaseme (Sadili Oval), Peninah Nthenya Musyimi (Safe Spaces Africa), Joy Nyagah (Safe Spaces Africa), Dr. Auma Obama (Sports for Social Change Initiative, CARE International), Annelies Knoppers (University of Utrecht), Claudia Makumbe (Amsterdam School of Sports), Heather Cameron (Technical University of Berlin and Boxgirls International), Lydia la Rivière-Zijdel (DCDD and Respo International), Marianne Meier (Swiss Academy for Development), Martha Brady (Population Council), Sarah Forde (Moving the Goalposts), Felicite Rwema (Association of Kigali Women in Sports), Kalyani Subramanyam (Naz Foundation, India), Jos Dirx (Girls and Football South Africa), Lucky Chhetri (Empowering Women of Nepal), Archana Chhetri (Empowering Women of Nepal), Abdelfattah Abusrour (Ph.D., Director, Al-Rowwad), Awista Ayub (Afghan Youth Sports Exchange, Women Win Ambassador and Author of However Tall the Mountain), Ben Gucciardi (Founding Director, Soccer Without Borders), Donna Lopiano (Ph.D., Sports Management Resources), Gichuki Francis (TYSA), Gisele Yitamben (ASAFE), Hani Qattan (Chairman, Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports), Islam Sharif (Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women), Mashuda Khatun Shefali (Nari Uddug Kendra), Megan Chawansky (Research Associate in Education, University of Bath), Nadia Zibani (Population Council), Nancy Bacon (Project Director, Bahia Street), Sarah Smith (GirlSportWorks), Suzanne Sillett (Team Up for Youth), Evelyn Schiller (MIFUMI), Matilda Mwaba and Lombe Mwambwa (NOWSAR), Cecilia Enriquez (Gregoria Apaza), Ana Arizabaleta (Colombianitos), Estefania Montoya (Futbol con Corazon), Esteban Reyes (Tiempo de Juego), Carla Lopez (FCAM), Jaya Tiwari (The Naz Foundation), Rashida Parveen (BRAC Bangladesh), Sitha Phorn (SALT Academy), Iwalola Akinjimo (Youth Empowerment Foundation).

Many thanks to photo contributions from:

  • Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN)
  • The Naz Foundation
  • Tiempo de Juego