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Adolescent Girl Life Skill: Understanding the skills one possesses and how they might be valuable to the team

General Adolescent Life Skills: Cooperation and Teamwork

When girls are not celebrated for or encouraged to develop their skills and qualities, which is often the case, they have a hard time seeing their own value as part of a team or group or even family unit outside of cooking or cleaning. On the other hand, when a girl is given encouragement and shown how her personal qualities and skills can be of value to a group, or, for example, a sport team, then she is more confident and willing to work in a team and cooperate with others around her.

Playing on a sport team, with a coach and teammates who support and help develop a personal sense of value, illustrates the positive aspects of teamwork and how when players cooperate and pool their skills and talents, they can win games or reach objectives they could not have individually. This cannot be more evident when you have one player who does not pass to the others but tries to score by herself. Although maybe this works once in a while, the team will quickly realize that the most efficient and effective way to get a ball down the field in a football match is to pass it. Being a team player and cooperating on the field helps girls work in groups at school, be constructive members of their families and be group leaders in their jobs.