Home Visits

For any sport programme working with children and young people, home visits are not only useful but also an essential part of your strategy. Parents and caregivers are the gatekeepers to girls’ participation in any programme, and their consent is essential.


  1. Build trust with parents/caregivers and build their support
  2. Create better understanding among parents/caregivers of the programme
  3. Gain consent from parents/caregivers

Guidelines and Tips

  • Visits to the homes of participants should be done by a member of the organisation, a coach, or someone who works with the girls and will be respected by the parents/caregivers. This person should approach parents with respect, listen to all of their concerns, and speak to them clearly about the programme and their daughters’ participation in the programme. In many cases the best person to make home visits may be a woman for the comfort of the parents and the girls. It is also advisable that the girls be consulted when a member of your organisation or a coach is going to visit their homes.
  • Make an introductory visit to the home of every new participant in your programme.
  • Make follow-up visits throughout the year so that you build a relationship with the parents and caregivers.
  • Whenever possible, speak the language of the parent or caregiver to put them at ease and build trust.
  • Bring with you a consent form that you can explain to the parent/caregiver and have them sign. Also bring a copy for them.
  • Send written invitations home to parents/caregivers before every event.