Recommendations and experiences for mixing boys and girls in a sport programme are often defined by conditions and intentions. How a programme director would handle introducing boys to an existing girls’ programme is different than how one would handle adding girls to an existing boys’ space, although many of the same principals of equity, respect and communication remain the same. The following information is written for:

  • Those who have been operating a sport programme for boys and want to add, improve or expand a component for girls.
  • Those who have been operating a sport programme for girls and choose to integrate boys, either on account of limited resources or to help promote growth for all children.
  • Newly established programmes designed with the intention of mixing boys and girls.

Consider Timing and Frequency

According to programme partners, it is important to establish a safe space for all children prior to integrating members of the opposite sex. Girls must know and trust that their...

Position Girls in Leadership Roles

Boys will typically try to assume leadership roles in a programme. It is important to demonstrate that girls are capable of being strong leaders. Girls need this education as much...

Maintain a Safe Space

A primary focus of every sport programme for girls should be maintaining a safe space. It can be especially important to ask girls if they want to share their space with boys...

Limit Sensitive Discussions

There are some discussion topics, such as health, gender roles, communication, leadership and economic empowerment, for which it can be beneficial to share with mixed-gender...

Be Mindful About Mixed-Gender Physical Activity

Depending upon the age of the participant, there can be significant differences in boys’ and girls’ physical strength and aggression. This is especially true after boys and girls...

Conduct Follow-up Discussions

Give girls the opportunity to debrief about their interactions with boys, both on the field and in programme discussions or meetings. Ask them how they felt, what was different,...
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