Gaining Government Support


Magic Bus, a sport for development organisation in India, has been extremely successful in expanding its programmes by applying for and receiving funding from the government to work in various states across India. By becoming the Knowledge and Implementing partner of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and the Government of India, Magic Bus received the support it needed to go after its goal of reaching 1 million youth in 10 Indian states.  

Sport is a government-sponsored and regulated institution at local, provincial and national levels in many countries. In some places, sport exists almost solely within the context of the government. These governments, often run by a male majority, prioritise sporting opportunities for boys rather than girls. This bias occurs at all levels of government: national, regional and local. In countries where governments do not support sport opportunities for girls, independently run sport programmes fill an important void.


  • Solicit the help of individuals and organisations that can influence policy decisions in order to get government support for your programme. Building an alliance or coalition of like-minded organisations that speak with one voice shows strength and could have more influence than individual organisations with their own messages.
  • Find community members, including teachers and caregivers, who support your programme.
  • Build a network of citizens, politicians and business people who will lobby on your behalf. Consider including influential women in positions of power in this network, as well as popular athletes who are both men and women.
  • Identify and apply for government funding that is relevant to your programme objectives.  


For more information on how to engage the government in your sport programme, go to the Community Engagement section of this guide.