Questions To Consider

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Additional Questions to Consider When Choosing a Sport/Starting a Sport Programme:

  • Is this a sport that the community supports and understands? If not, what is your strategic plan for educating and getting buy-in from the community?
  • Who will play the sport? What is the view of the community in respect to age and suitable sporting activities?
  • Is the attire (clothing) required for this activity available and is it socially acceptable for girls? If it is not socially acceptable, are you able to train girls in private space? If not available locally, do you have the resources to obtain the attire?
  • Do you have access to the facilities or playing grounds required for this sport? If not, can you create partnerships with gyms, clubs or community centres to gain access? Do girls have safe transportation or routes to these facilities? If not, what is your strategy for addressing that obstacle?
  • Do you have access to qualified coaches? If not, are you prepared to recruit coaches from another region and/or train coaches locally?
  • What equipment do you need? Is this equipment available, or do you need to fundraise to acquire it? Do you have local materials or resources that might be used to make the equipment?
  • Can you provide clean drinking water? Can you provide food or snacks? Can you ensure that the girls have enough calories in their systems for physical exertion?
  • Can you provide clean and safe toilet facilities?
  • Is there a stigma associated with the sport? For example, cricket in India is considered to be a male-centric sport. How will you overcome this and challenge these male-dominated arenas?
  • Does the sport offer maximum participation with low resources?
  • Does the sport offer metaphors for personal and social education?