Response Referral And Reporting

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Scenario: A girl experiences gender-based violence. Someone within your sports programme learns about the abuse. Perhaps the girl feels comfortable enough in the sport setting, considering the trust she has with her teammates or coach to disclose information about her experience. Now what?

Sport organisations must have a strong, clear plan of action for how to respond to instances of gender-based violence in the lives of the participants, peer leaders, coaches or staff. All members of the organisation need to be aware of the procedure, and agree to abide by it if they are the first responder to a GBV disclosure.  

Some girls may be ashamed or afraid and may want to access services alone. Educating girls about where they can go to get help for themselves, if they are violated, and providing emergency access numbers, resources and a self-reporting plan is important.  

Critical Logistical Steps To Responding To Gender-based Violence

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Disclosure Do's And Don'ts

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Secrecy Versus Confidentiality

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Building Organisational Readiness Through Partnerships

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Training Girls As First Responders

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