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There are certain qualities that are inherent in all sports, which can be positioned to facilitate positive growth and change in a girl’s life. However, every sport is unique. Each sport carries physical, intellectual, psychosocial, cultural, historical and political implications. When choosing which sport to use to address gender-based violence with girls, it is important to consider a variety of factors. Programmes aimed at improving girls’ capacity to avoid GBV as well as those making meaningful change in survivor’s lives have often targeted qualities of specific sport activities and designed their programme to exploit those qualities.

Non-competitive Movement Activities

Examples: Dance, Yoga, Nia 51 In most cultures, dance is an acceptable form of physical activity for girls and women, making it less socially controversial. Regaining bodily...

Combat Sports And Martial Arts

Examples: Boxing, tae kwon do, self-defence, karate, capoeira, kickboxing, aikido, wrestling Developing the skills to physically defend yourself against an attacker is an...

Team Sports

Examples: Football, basketball, netball, volleyball, hockey, cricket Teams give girls a platform to collectively process their fears, concerns, questions and experiences. In...

Outdoor Activities

Examples: Running, hiking, biking, trekking, surfing Wilderness therapy is becoming an increasingly common activity for girls and women who are survivors of gender-based...
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