Non-competitive Movement Activities

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Programme Profile: Saving Lives Through Dance

Kolkata Sanved’s programme “Saving Lives Through Dance” works with women who have been trafficked for sex. The programme helps the survivor to release negative emotions and teaches her to respect her body (a body that has suffered much abuse) through the medium of dance and movement. Specifically, the method focuses on using dance as a vehicle for learning selected life-skills, renewing a healthy mind-body relationship, addressing psychosocial handicaps and developing new community bonds

Examples: Dance, Yoga, Nia 51

In most cultures, dance is an acceptable form of physical activity for girls and women, making it less socially controversial. Regaining bodily awareness is often a key to rehabilitation from gender-based violence, which can result in a disassociation of body from mind. Dance is used as a therapy around the world for survivors of all types of psychological trauma, including GBV, as it enables people to re-establish control of their movement, breathing, and bodily expression. Performance can restore dignity and self respect, especially in communities where dance is traditionally revered.

Although less practiced globally, yoga similarly encourages the precise connection of body and mind. Additionally, yoga is a meditative activity, giving participants’ time for introspection and quiet reflection.


51 . Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness. See